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What does it do?
When you want to know the current value a banknote has as a collectable, the usual method is to look it up in a current edition of your favourite price-guide such as The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. You locate the banknote in the price guide and you find that it gives two or three values for the banknote, depending on the condition it's in. For example, it may give the values for that banknote in G, VF and UNC (good, very fine and uncirculated). This is great if your banknote happens to be in the exact same condition as one of these grades. However, in most cases it will be somewhere in-between one of those three grades. Is this significant? YES! For example, the difference in value between a banknote in uncirculated condition and the same banknote in almost-uncirculated condition can be 20% or more! But the percentage difference varies widely, depending on the identity of the banknote in question.

Most collectors and dealers rely solely on rough guesswork to estimate the value of banknotes that fall into one of the in-between grades of condition - and in most cases, they get it wrong! That's because the math required to do this properly is quite complicated, because the differences between the adjacent grades changes in degree towards each end of the grading scale. And even then, it varies from banknote to banknote, depending on the scarcity factor applicable to each grade for that particular banknote! It is therefore very useful to have an accurate utility that calculates the values of all the intermediate grades at the click of a button. You simply enter the two or three values given by your price-guide (can be dollars, pounds or any currency) and this utility instantly gives you the values of dozens of intermediate grades!  You can then decide which intermediate grade applies to the condition of your banknote and you have the value, calculated exactly, according to the price guide's information.

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Guesswork may suffice in some circumstances, but this always leaves open the possibility of disagreement over the value of an item when it is clearly in one of the intermediate grades. If you can tell the disputing party that it was calculated mathematically from the values given in the respected price-guide concerned, then you have usually won the argument. This can save you $$$ when buying banknotes, because it gives you a firm foundation from which to argue or negotiate!

I personally use this system frequently when pricing the banknotes we offer for sale on this site. In fact, that is why I designed it, with the help of an advanced mathematician. It saves a lot of guesswork and makes life simple and quick. It's easy on the brain! Of course this system naturally produces accurate results only insofar as the data you feed in is reliable. In most cases the values in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money and other well-known value-guides are realistic. However,  it is advisable to beware that they do occasionally get it wrong for one reason or another.

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